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Earn Money by Sharing Links 2018 | URL shortener tips and tricks


Earn Money by Sharing Links in 2018: URL Shortener Tips and Tricks

Signing up or registering link shortening websites and then shortening the links is a piece of cake, the real hard part is sharing those links. In 2018, it is a challenge to post the shortened link among the traffic in websites, blogs or social media. Either your link will be removed or you will be banned. But that doesn’t mean you cannot earn or you cannot post the links. All you need to do is to follow some clever strategy, the timing of post and a strategic work which will attract the traffic to your links.

People who are having a good number of followers in social media like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. or having websites with good traffic do not need help regarding posting links. They are minting money with URL shortening links. Even if one has a good circle of friends they can also share links via WhatsApp

But what about the people who do not fit into the above criteria, no circle, no followers and no websites? Exactly, this is the reason I have written this article so those people can put some honey in their pockets.

Before I begin, you must have an account in bitly and Google URL shortener. They will be used in below-mentioned methods. I have also written an article on best links shortening websites that are paying really well for now, you can read it here.

Note: Always mask your “URL shortening links” with bitly or Google URL shortener, this increases more clicks.

Get here the list of best URL shortening websites in 2018 which are paying well.

Below, I will teach you the methods of posting links and at last in the conclusion, I will tell you what to post and where.

Here are the following strategies or method you need to put on work:

1. WhatsApp: Sharing links on WhatsApp is the easiest way to earn money, but for that, you need to have thousands of friends or circle. So what you do if do not have a network? You can be a part of a large number of WhatsApp groups in minutes. If you have no problem regarding your identity you can go to playstore and type in search bar “WhatsApp groups.” You will find many applications having thousands of groups, go ahead and join them.

Another way is that if you have a spare mobile number you can activate that number only for WhatsApp and can do the work or if you have spare mobile and number, you can dedicate this mobile and number to WhatsApp only, your personal mobile does not slow down.

Now, the best method which I follow is installing the “gbWhatsApp” or parallel space and textnow for US phone number and run 2 WhatsApp in the same mobile if you do not want to follow above methods.

Now my point is if you follow any of the methods which I have mentioned above, do not post links from your mobile, cause this will heat up your mobile or it will hang after some time. If you have a powerful mobile, then no problem. But follow my suggestion, share the links from your browser to WhatsApp so you will not waste your time.


How to do it?

Open any browser (I use chrome) and type or search in Google "web WhatsApp." Scar the QR code from your mobile and open your WhatsApp on a browser. Then search in Google WhatsApp groups, you will get a huge list of websites having groups, just start joining them one by one from the browser. Then after joining the groups open a new tab and search some interesting videos or articles according to your group’s niche or category, if you have joined the comedy group search for funny videos if you have joined earning money group then search on how to earn money and so on.

After getting the videos or articles, shorten them in “URL shortening website” and start posting in groups opened in the browser. Hence your mobile rests in peace and you can do your work frequently. Just work 1-2 hours a day or less, do not post too many otherwise this will lead to spamming and resulting in group banning. Anyways, if you somehow get banned, no worries join more groups. Remember to mask the links with bitly or Google URL shortener.

Here is the list of best verified WhatsApp groups of 2018 that you can join:

2. Facebook: This is the best method to get the clicks, but you have to work carefully. If you already have a facebook account and good circle or followers for your page, then just put your links to your post and must mask them with bitly or Google URL shortener.

In addition, you can join several facebook groups. Type in search option whatever niche or category you are interested in, like “earn money online” and choose the groups tab and there you will see a huge number of groups, start joining them. Do not join more than 10 groups in 24 hours. In these groups do not post directly your links; this will lead to banning your account. You can put your blog or website link in the groups OR your facebook page link. Follow this best trick, do not post any links, and just create an attractive image of the offer like “how to earn money online” and write your website or page name or can write to comment below. People who comment give them your link.

Another method is by commenting. Do the same search as above and this time select “pages” tab, you will see the number of pages. Visit them and see which post has engagement with comments, there you can put your link (link must be related to the post).

If still facebook removes your link (it usually happens if you have a new account). Do not post links directly to Facebook, post those links in twitter post and then copy the twitter post and then paste in facebook.

You can use “facebook poster” software to post your article with links or image.

If you create a new account, you must do it slowly. Add limited friends every day and engage in conversation in a comment section for at least 15 to 20 days, so that Facebook get the idea that you are a real person and not a bot.

3. Twitter: If you have good numbers of followers, tweet or post your links in the post. If your post is good enough, it may get a retweet, thus increasing the number of clicks.
Another method is a search option, this one is really effective. I have used this method for my affiliate products. Type in search option: “I want to earn money online” –http://

You will get the refine search of people who want to earn money, you can post your links directly to them one by one and ask them to follow you for more. Use this method if you have time (“type your keywords” –http://) OR you can directly go to advance search and refine or narrow down your search by customizing it:

 4. Instagram: If you have followers on Instagram. Put your link or website link in bio, now you can post an image and ask your followers to click on the link which is in “Bio.”

5. Forum method: Well, this one is the most effective and evergreen method if you post in forums. I do not have to tell you how to post your links, but now most of the forums do not allow to post money earning links. What you can do is put those links under your “signature.”

For users who are new to forum posting, you can search forums in Google according to your niche, join them and do not just start posting the links, you will get banned. Follow your rules and guidelines. Engage in forums by commenting, build a trust, then you can follow the above method.

6. Quora and Yahoo: These two have millions of traffic every month, this is a gold mine if you use it properly. See what people are asking and where they need help. Write an article on that include your link or blog and post it.

7. YouTube method: Imaging how many views a decent YouTube video has. If you put a URL shortening link in the description of your video and even half of the viewers click on the link, now do the calculation. If you are a YouTuber and teaching something or providing some information, like “best websites to earn online,” you are going to put the link in the description, simply shorten that link.

8. EBook method: Most passive way of earning is write an eBook in pdf format and put your URL shortener links or website or blog having URL shortener links and sell it or give it free. If you give it free, you are earning anyway. Now the question arises, where to sell your eBook, very easy, promote your eBook in the above-given methods. Just post them with an attractive image.

9. Blogging: The above all and the most effective way of earning. If your website is good enough, you gain visitors each and every day. Put the URL shortener links in your blog post or Wordpress website and earn well.

For those who do not have a website or blog, what they can do is create a single page blog or WordPress website and put a post and promote in social media as above. Now, what to post in these blogs, get your answer below.

10. Website Script: Some link shortening websites also provides website script of popads with instruction on how to put the script on your website or blog. Whoever visit your website, no matter where they click you will earn from their first click.

Note: The above methods which I have provided are not limited or the only ones available. This is from my personal experiences. The real key is improvisation. Always improvise yourself while working on anything, this takes the person to another level.

What to post, so I can get maximum clicks in less time?

Now the important question arises what to post? What matter can get us traffic on our links? All you have to do is a little bit of Research and Development. In social media, you can get the trending topics and viral topics. You can get videos on YouTube on various topics. You can use Google trends to search for your topic or Google news. These are enough to get you enough content for you to post. You can research what world sees the most like funny videos, DIY videos, food videos etc.

google trends
google trends

Now, when you got your topic, you do not have to write an article or create a video on YouTube. Just pick the article or YouTube or facebook link and shorten it on the link shortening website and then share the links. This is not illegal, in a way you are promoting their work and in return you are earning from sharing the links.

You can create a basic blog post of songs, movies, TV or web series and share the link via social media or YouTube.

Note: You can use the above methods not only in sharing URLs, but also sharing other content, CPA offers, Affiliate links etc. with your own improvised methods.

Conclusion and Review: People are earning really good with these URL shortening websites, even I was surprised to see my income. I didn’t work much on this cause other work keeps me busy. But the earning is really tempting, I tell you that. I have seen people earning $100 per and even more without referral.

But I believe in long-term and stable income like digital marketing, SEO, blogging affiliate and CPA marketing and many more. 

I can say URL shortening earning is short-term (payout rates increases and decreases), but it is still a stable in a way. You are not spending too much of time working on this, your live links are there on the internet, you have to work one time. You can do this in your free time, from your mobile or from laptop. If you’re marketer or blogger then It is a bonus for you, can share links in your blogs. So, you can earn really good with this working as part-time.

Always mask your URL shortening links with bitly or google URL shorteners and then share anywhere (I use both).

Let me put this way, in my view, this is the best part-time work in the world which earns you good at present. This is how to make money online for fee. Just beware of scam sites.

Friends, feel free to contribute and ask questions using the comment form below and kindly share this with friends.


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