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Earn money by writing in Rozbuzz Wemedia | how to write Tips and Tricks and create account

Earn money by writing in Rozbuzz Wemedia
Earn money by writing in Rozbuzz Wemedia

Earn money by writing in Rozbuzz Wemedia | How to write tips and tricks and create account | Win competition and earn money

Writing is the most essential part of any news or blogging platform. It is the most powerful tool since ages. Writers have played a significant role in changing the world. Writers have revolutionized the world through different mediums such as books, newspapers, articles, blogs etc. Here I am not going to teach you about changing the world by writing, but you can change yours a little bit by writing a few words. Here you can earn money by writing news or get paid to write online.

I have worked in different media platforms like UC news, NewsDog etc. but Rozbuzz is a really great platform for starters to advanced users due to its terms and conditions which I am going to write down below followed by reviews. You can also earn Paytm cash from Wemedia. Let’s earn money from Rozbuzz.

How to create an account on Rozbuzz?

 Click this link to sign up: 

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After the page opens, in there put your mobile number and press send OTP. After receiving OTP put it in the box and create a password and confirm the password, then click finally on sign up.

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Then you will be asked to fill basic information such as Wemedia name, intro etc. as shown in the image above. Fill the required information.

Earn-money-by-writing-in-rozbuzz-wemedia- 3-techpaisaearn

Then fill in the payment information. There you will be asked PAN card details and bank account information. Fill in the information carefully (if you do not havea bank account use your family member’s or friend’s account).

In 24 hours you will receive the approval from them. After the approval, what are you waiting for start writing or start posting videos.

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Now some important point to follow while signing up and writing articles and posting videos:

  1. While signing up, if your language is Hindi, then choose the “introduction” in the same language (you can write an article in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu or any regional language). The language you are going to put in the language that you are going to write articles in.
  2. Before posting an article or video must go through FAQ and guidelines.
  3. Write articles in minimum 125-150 words with 3 images which are mandatory (relax you can use any images from anywhere just write the image source below the image and it must be relevant to the article). The article must have no spelling mistakes.
  4. You can have 5 accounts in Rozbuzz Wemedia under the same PAN card. (I have two so that I can write in both Hindi and English).
  5. You can post 7 articles per day at the max.
  6. You will start earning money when your account reaches 15 days old and you have posted at least 9 articles, then you will be promoted to advance.
  7.  You can withdraw your money directly to the bank account or via Paytm once it reaches Rs. 1000.
  8. Rest of the info you will get when you read the FAQ section regarding posting videos and articles.

Conclusion and tips on Rozbuzz Wemedia:

In short, the best platform to date for both beginners and expert writers. Just write the articles without spelling mistakes, write unique and claim it (you can write copyright material or post other’s videos). You do not have to worry about formatting, copyright claim, just 125-150 words, be consistent and you will start earning.

What category to choose?

You can write in any category, but the most searched categories are Bollywood, Facts, Sports, Lifestyle, Health.

How to write an article and from where to get a source for the article?

This tip is not only for the writers in this particular platform but anywhere. There are many platforms for searching the news, but I use only 2 and believe me they are enough.

Just explore Google News and Google Trends. They are the best source for the latest and trending news.

For further details, you can watch my video on Youtube.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to ask.


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